About Intire

Intire are different to any other letting agent you have come across. Not because they are specialists in residential lettings. Not just because they are accredited and regulated by the leading industry bodies. No, its because they are the only letting agents offering an all inclusive fee to their landlords.

Why our fees are all inclusive

Our fees all inclusive and not the traditional a la carte method adopted by all other agents because research shows one of the biggest things landlords find irritating about letting agents are their open ended fee structures that are complex, loaded with add-ons and hidden costs. Intire’s all inclusive fixed fees are simple to understand and often significantly lower than other agents.

Landlords are commonly quoted in the media and in regulatory reports complaining that agents have charged for extra services they were not told about. Complaints to the property ombudsman soared by 22% between 2012-2013. The reputation of letting agents is at an all-time low. It is not uncommon to hear the term “dishonest” being associated with the industry. Until legislative changes are made forcing other agents to be transparent and clear about their fees, the practice of charging separately for each item involved in the letting process will continue.

Why do other agents charge separately for each item? Because they can charge landlords higher fees. In isolation, the cost of each item seems acceptable. But, when landlords add them up, they are almost always higher than landlords were led to believe by the agents clever marketing. For example, a typical tactic used by a majority of other agents is to quote a low headline management fee of say 10%. The unsuspecting landlord will be taken in by this rate (because it appears good value) and proceed to place the property on the market with the agent. The landlord believes that it is only going to cost 10% to let and manage the property. But, once a potential tenant is secured, the landlord will automatically incur all the add-on costs (usually hidden or not disclosed at the beginning ) associated with the let. By then, it is often too late to stop the add-on costs mounting up. These items are things like landlords gas safety test, energy performance certificate, inventory and schedule of condition, tenancy agreement and deposition protection. Some agents even charge separately for property inspections! Our research shows that these add-ons on average amount to an extra £860 per tenancy, resulting in the quoted headline rate of 10% almost doubling to 19%.

If an agent is not disclosing full details of their fees and charges (not just what they include in their service) on their website, ask yourself why. What don’t they want you to know? Some agents will only tell you their headline fee on the phone. The rest will only disclose details at the property valuation. No other industry works like this so why are these agents being so secretive about their fees? In contrast, all of Intire’s fees are fully published on this website so landlords know exactly what we include in our service.

Being a landlord should be seen as a business. The costs of any well run business are managed properly. If landlords are being over charged by their letting agent, they need to take action as this is eating directly into their profit. Increasing the rent to off-set the high agent cost is not good business. Staying put and accepting the higher fees should not be the preferred choice for any landlord. Loyalty and relationships between landlord and agent go along way but at what cost?

Smarter landlords are making the switch to Intire because our all inclusive fee is cost effective, transparent and honest. The easiest time to switch is when the property comes up for let or re-let. However, if you want to switch mid-tenancy, our dedicated Landlord Switching Service will take care of everything for you. We will handle all the related administration to ensure that the switch is smooth.

If you would like find out more about our award winning all inclusive lettings services, please contact your nearest branch.

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