Updates on property taxation news for buy-to-let landlords in 2016

Updates on property taxation news for buy-to-let landlords in 2016

There’s been updates on the taxation amendments in the recent budget that could impact property landlords, and which our expert letting agents have been reviewing.

Our buy-to-let landlords rely on our insights and inputs to save and make more money on their property investments in Bristol and Bath, so we keep a close eye on property industry news and the hot topics of the day, to ensure that our advice is the most relevant and useful information it can be for our clients across the South West.

We came across an interesting article this week here which looks on the face of it, as if it might represent bad news for buy-to-let landlords in Bristol and Bath in 2016.

The recent changes in capital gains tax do not, in our opinion, influence the appeal of owning a home – as there’s still no capital gains tax to pay if the property is sold.

However, these recent changes by the Treasury will decrease the relative attractiveness of buy-to-let property purchasing relative to other forms of investment. We’ll be monitoring the outcomes in future weeks and months.

As expert letting agents with offices in Downend, Clifton and central Bath, we welcome visits from new and potential buy-to-let property landlords in Bristol and Bath who might be concerned about increasing property legislation, the rise in taxation on property investors in 2016, or any other related queries you might have.

Although there could well be testing times ahead for property investors in 2016, the article does give many useful hints and tips on upcoming elements of property legislation and taxation during 2016.

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