Bristol buy-to-let landlords need to take the right financial advice

Bristol buy-to-let landlords need to take the right financial advice

Posted by ATIF JAVID on 09/02/2016

As a leading letting agent in Bristol, I came across a really useful article this week – and thought I’d share it and discuss it further for buy-to-let landlords looking for tips.

The full article, which raises many hints and tips for Bristol property landlords, can be read in full here.  

One of the biggest concerns I’m hearing from our buy-to-let property investment landlords at our letting agency offices in Clifton and Downend in recent weeks are worries over the changes in taxation for the private rented sector in BS postcodes.

More and more property landlords in Bristol are feeling bogged down by the increasing legislative burden being placed on them by the Government in the last 12 months – including the taxation additions last year on the letting industry, and the Right to Rent changes recently. Buy-to-let landlords are feeling the squeeze in 2016.

But, despite the doom and gloom being discussed daily via industry media, I still believe as an experienced letting agent in Bristol that the city represents incredible opportunities for buy-to-let landlords – and the coming year will highlight this, too.

The lettings sector in all BS postcodes has demonstrated healthy and consistent returns for our buy-to-let landlord clients, and our property management and landlords services in Bristol are busier in 2016 than ever before.

The article provides many useful guiding points for novice and experienced property investors alike, and it’s one of the best overall letting industry advice commentaries I’ve seen in weeks.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!

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