Everything you get with our “Rent Collect” service plus we’ll manage the day to day tenant contact, repairs and property maintenance for just 16% inc. VAT of monthly rent.

16% inc. VAT

It’s all included

Everything from our ‘Rent Collect’ package

  • Collect monthly rent
  • Provide rent arrears control
  • Forward rent to landlord
  • Provide monthly income statement
  • Make the non-resident landlord tax return to HMRC on your behalf (if required)
  • Reduced Tenant Finder Fee
  • We’ll be main point of contact for tenant
  • Arrange maintenance including contractors, quotes and works completion
  • Provide 24 Hour emergency contact, assistance and service
  • Manage continuing legal and regulatory requirements
  • Pay contractor invoices
  • Transfer council tax and utilities*
  • Handle deposit deductions*
  • Provide annual tax statement (on request)
  • Non-resident landlord tax return to HMRC (if required)
  • Reduced Tenant Finder Fee

What you'll handle

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Your involvement will be minimal.

Additional mandatory fees

Tenant Finder

Includes everything from our 'Tenant Finder' package at reduced rate.


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Legal requirement to have valid EPC before commencement of marketing and provision of copy to all tenants before tenancy start. Intire will provide a certificate, valid for 10 years, produced by accredited Domestic Energy Assessor.

£89 (only if current certificate expired)

Gas Safety Certificate

All gas appliances must legally comply with strict safety standards. Intire will arrange inspection by qualified Gas Safe engineer and the provision of the certificate to tenant in satisfaction of all legal obligations on behalf of landlord.

£99 (only if current certificate required)

Inventory and schedule of condition

Important document prepared in-house by our ARLA accredited and qualified team that comprehensively details and records (written and photographic) condition of property at tenancy start. Deposit deductions at tenancy end highly unlikely without this document.

£99 for unfurnished
£149 for furnished

Deposit protection

Intire will ensure full compliance of legal requirement to collect, lodge and protect tenancy deposit with Government authorised scheme, register landlord and tenant details and issue all associated paperwork, prescribed information and certificates accordingly on behalf of landlord.



Intire will meet tenants at property, take opening meter readings, undertake an opening inspection of the property, agree inventory and schedule of condition and hand over keys to tenant.



At tenancy end, Intire will meet tenants at property, collect keys, take closing meter readings, undertake a thorough and comprehensive closing inspection of the property (written and photographic), produce report, liaise and agree deductions between landlord and tenant, arrange and obtain quotes for deductions, produce evidence to Government authorised scheme for disputed amounts and release undisputed amounts accordingly.


Tenancy renewal

Carry out market rent review, liaise between landlord and tenant with regards to new term and rent, draft new tenancy agreement and arrange execution by all parties.


Property inspection

An essential part of the tenancy process. Carry out inspection of property to check property being properly maintained, in acceptable condition of repair and no breaches of tenancy terms (i.e. unlawful occupiers, illegal activities etc).

£59 per inspection. 3 inspections per year.

Optional services


If guarantor required, Intire will carry out full referencing on proposed guarantor, draft guarantor agreement and all necessary paperwork and have executed on behalf of landlord.


All fees are inclusive of VAT

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