Guaranteed rent 52 weeks of the year

Our Intirely Guaranteed service is our premium management package for landlords who want the absolute peace of mind that they will receive the rent on the same day every month regardless of whether the tenant has paid the rent or not or even stops paying the rent all together. We also guarantee to pay the agreed monthly rent even when the property is empty.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed rent no matter what
  • Receive rent 52 weeks of the year
  • No void periods
  • No set up fees or commission
  • No excess or delays
  • All legal costs covered
  • Full management included
  • Property condition guaranteed

In a nutshell, we become your tenant and guarantee to pay your monthly rent for the duration of the whole tenancy without all the usual hassles and risks associated with being a landlord.

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Why guaranteed rent?

The biggest fear for many landlords is an empty property. Why? Because an empty property means no rent. Another fear is having tenants that don’t pay their rent on time or stop paying the rent altogether. Unfortunately, letting a property is not free from such risks. The assumption that a landlord will receive 12 times the monthly rental in their bank at the end of the year is rarely the case. Our unique guaranteed rent service completely eliminates the risk of non-payment of rent. It provides peace of mind for landlords who simply want the financial benefits of being a landlord, but without the stress.

How is the rent offer calculated?

We base your monthly payment on the market rent for your specific property. We carry out market research of the rental market in your area and offer you a realistic, achievable rent based on our findings. As a guide, it is slightly less than your market rent but is very comparable to the amount which you would receive on a traditional management service after all the usual deductions have been made. We then pay you your rent on the same day every month, even if a tenant fails to pay their rent.

Is it an insurance policy?

No. Intire are your tenant and pay you the rent direct from their own funds. In turn, Intire sub-let the property and collect the rent from the sub tenant. This means any delays in payment by the sub-tenant are Intire’s risk and not yours.

The benefits of our Intirely Guaranteed service:

We start to pay rent immediately – fixed contract start date

We guarantee you a fixed contract start date so you will know exactly when you will receive your first rent payment. This means you will not need to wait for tenants to move in before receiving your first payment and can meet your monthly financial commitments no matter what.

No set up fees or commission

We do not charge any set up fees or a monthly management commission for this service. This means you receive your full monthly rent without the deduction of any agent’s fees or commissions.

All legal costs covered

In the event that there is a need for legal action for rent arrears or eviction, we will cover all associated legal costs. This means your rental income is fully protected and that you will continue to receive your rent without any related interruptions.

Full management included

We deal with the tenants and all the matters usually associated with the full management of the property. This means you don’t have to collect tenants’ rent, take phone calls and deal with all the other maintenance issues and legal obligations a tenancy brings.

Property condition guaranteed

We guarantee to cover the costs of tenant damages and repairs up to an amount equal to 6 weeks rent.  This means if things do get broken or damaged by tenants we have placed in the property, we will cover the cost when the property is returned to you.

Statutory certificates included

It is a legal requirement to provide a gas safety certificate and energy performance certificate when letting a property. We arrange and cover the costs of these certificates as part of our service at no additional cost to you. 

No void periods

We will pay you the monthly rent regardless of whether the property is tenanted or not. This means you will receive 100% of the rental income for 52 weeks of the year - even when the property is empty. There is no insurance excess or guarantee limitations.

We become your tenant

The key difference between Intirely Guaranteed and the more traditional management service is that we effectively become your tenant. We pay you the monthly rent and guarantee the condition of the property.

Unique in-house tenant referencing

Every tenant must pass our unique in-house tenant referencing checks to be acceptable for one of our properties. Because we are ultimately paying your rent, this means we will only place good calibre creditworthy tenants in your property who have been stringently checked and vetted.