Ideal properties outlined by study

A rural, three-bedroom semi-detached house is the most popular "ideal property" for Brits, reports.

A new study by AA Home Emergency Response sought to find out what householders thought made up their ideal property. The study quizzed 2,005 participants on what size, features and location they would want from their dream home; finding that many "ideals" were perfectly within reach.

Semi-detached, two or three-bed properties came out on top, with 18 per cent of recipients citing this as their ideal. Detached four to five-bed came second with 16 per cent, whilst a further 13 per cent said they'd ideally want a detached two or three-bed home.

Villages were the most popular locations, being outlined by 28 per cent of participants. City suburbs and towns came joint second with 17 per cent each, whilst coastal villages polled 16 per cent. The results show what properties are the most popular and therefore which are likely to be snapped up quickly at the letting agents.

Men and women were also seen to give different answers, with 37 per cent of males after a games room - compared to just 18 per cent of females. The most common feature for both sexes, however, was a large open plan kitchen, dining or living area, which was cited by 56 per cent of men and 64 per cent of women as part of their dream homes.

Speaking to, head of AA Home Emergency Response, Tom Stringer, explained: "We are used to drivers dreaming about owning cars most of us are never likely to afford such as a Ferrari.

"However, when it comes to houses, the research shows that we are much more realistic and that for many of us, our dream home is likely to be within our reach."