Our values & culture

We have strong internal values so our landlords and tenants can have faith in what we do and say. Our 5 values define who we are, what we do and how we do it. They are the fundamental beliefs of our company and guide our daily actions and behaviour. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our customers and engage with our community.

Have integrity

  • We keep our word and do what we say we will do.
  • We do the right thing guided by our professional and ethical values.
  • We are honest and reliable.

Be outstanding

  • We are creative and innovative.
  • We will try new things and learn from them.
  • We are professionals in our discipline.
  • We deliver excellence.

Respect others

  • We value our colleagues, customers and others with whom we interact.
  • We are considerate of others and will nurture relationships through listening and understanding.

Be accountable

  • We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • We are accountable for ourselves and our behaviours.
  • We are transparent in everything we do.

Be ready for tomorrow

  • We are always learning, from others, from our past and for the future.
  • We have the right people who are ready to act.
  • We embrace how things can change for the better.
  • We think ahead.

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